"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes-and ships-and sealing-wax-
Of cabbages-and kings-
And why the sea is boiling hot-
And whether pigs have wings."

- The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carrol
(From Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Abbey's Crib

A bit of a milestone was passed last night.  Probably more for me than for Abbey.

Abbey not only slept through the night - we're talking 7.5 hours - which is a somewhat regular occurrence in our house now.  But she did it in her crib.  In her own room.  Alone.

Since she came home, Abbey has been slumbering in a bassinet in our bedroom right next to us.  On my side, right next to me.  Within an arms reach.  And the bassinet - loaned to us by a friend (thanks, Brandi!) - has been a lifesaver.  Especially during those first couple of weeks when we were waking up (well, I was waking up) every 1 1/2 - 2 hours to nurse.  But Abbey is a long baby - already 23 inches at just eight weeks, and the bassinet is getting a little snug.  The time had come to switch up our sleeping arrangements.

Scott, I think, was eager to get our bedroom back.  I, on the other hand, have been nervous about this proposition for weeks.

I wasn't really prepared to have such mixed emotions about the whole thing.  Originally - before we knew better - we didn't even plan to have a bassinet or sleeper in our room.  I'm sure that Abbey probably would have been just fine coming home and sleeping in her crib from the get go.  The bassinet has just been a great convenience.  But it also gave me such peace of mind.  To have her so close to me.

So, last night I rocked her and sang to her a bit longer than normal even though she was well fast asleep.  Then, I tucked her into her crib, turned out the light, and walked as quickly as possible to our bedroom, grabbing the video monitor so I could immediately begin spying on her.  There she was - in a little 3 X 3 frame.  Sleeping peacefully.  In the next room.  I must have watched her for 20 minutes before finally relaxing enough to turn off the light and fall asleep myself.

At 4:30 this morning I was actually anxious - happy even - to spring from bed and nurse her.  To see her and check on her.  To hold her.  I missed her in my sleep.  I walked across the hall from our room to hers and gazed at her laying so peacefully in her crib.  Still so small - but growing every day.  Each day, becoming more aware - more independent - stronger. 

If I'm this bad now - I shudder to think how difficult the day will be when she goes off to college or gets married.  From the day she was born, my little girl was growing up.

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